killed by cuteness

This is the first installment of killed* by cuteness.
*these nodders won’t actually kill you, although the thought of them coming alive during the night, Puppet Master style, is terrifying…oh and maybe you don’t want to ingest their plastic parts.
My only experience with plastic nodders up until now has been of the car dashboard variety. I had a nodder in my car in high school and it just seemed like we were on the same team. I would get in and yell about how hard I had studied on that math test and she would always be there, just bowing her head calmly and in total agreement. A plastic parent or therapist if you will. I think that these plastic animals are serving the same purpose for our customers. You might come home from that bad date and shout, “will I ever meet the right person!” and there will be your nodding owl just letting you know its going to be alright. The nodders are collector’s items, made in Germany, $9.00 each. Horse, deer, cat, dog, and owl pictured above.

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