Retro Betty Crocker
When I was home recently I found a copy of my Mom’s original Betty Crocker cookbook from the late 1960’s. Needles to say I was amazed by some of these recipes. Here are a few of my favorites.

That “tablescape” is really making a statement. Is it just me or does that cake look really good.

I have to hand it to the food stylists they really take the food presentation to a new level.
They really took pickles on white bread to the extreme. Maybe I will have to whip it up next time I have people over, I’ll be all like “WHAT you have never had Petals ‘N Pickles, seriously?”

I see the Cat Cake in my sisters future.

I am loving that yellow range on the counter. Those ladies look like they were having a LOT of fun.
Really no words needed for this one.
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