Thanks to NBC New York for featuring out bike pins, now with new packaging!

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Sunset 15-4 Iceland dust

Sunset 15-4 Iceland dustOriginally uploaded by SjoerdCanon This is another shot great shot, no Photoshop work there, it’s all from the dust in the atmosphere.

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Volcanic Sunsets

Mirror sunsetOriginally uploaded by SjoerdCanon These are just a few photos on Flickr of the amazing sunsets Europe has been having due to the volcano in Iceland.

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New Greeting Card “I really learned a lot on that episode of Full House….Sike” If you were of middle school/high school age in the early 90’s this term was most likely a major part of your vocabulary. At least we

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NY Magazine Weddings Our Beach invitation and Flora response card are featured in the Summer issue out now. The theme was birds, bees, flowers and trees which are our favorite motifs.

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Our table of Easter goodness at the shop right now.

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Enamel Bike Pins About a year ago we found these little packs of mini vintage postcards at an antique store. We weren’t sure what to do with them but just knew that we needed them. My sister Beth finally figured

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globe trotting My mother-in-law just returned from a trip to India. Pretty excited she got to represent GLP half way around the world with our tote bag.

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Who doesn’t like Tom Selleck…. nobody that’s who! It’s the Tom Selleck themed birthday card that you’ve been waiting for! Click here to purchase.

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creative business card We thought this was a cute idea for a company. This is my sister’s friend Sam’s business card. It has a nice little blurb at the top about what her job entails written with a humorous slant

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