The bad economy, plus poor housing sales, force Julian Schnabel to downgrade his Palazzo Chupi. 

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Today has been busy in the shop, so just a quick note about Eleni’s cookies. The most beautiful and delicious cookies ever made. My sister Amy customized the Funny Farm Animals¬†for her wedding at Blue Hill at Stone Barns (upstate.)

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Custom Wedding Invitation{Elyssa & Paul} invitation map and rehearsal/brunch invitation{it was the bride’s idea to have the hand giving the peace sign for Woodstock}

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Probably shouldn’t be telling people how to make their own cards but can’t resist: Page for page ‘Print Liberation, The Screen Printing Primer’ is by far the best introduction to screen printing out there. Excellent color photographs and illustrations, materials

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Tree Cake Hard to believe it’s a cake. Made by The Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago. For anyone with a birthday near Halloween I think you just found your cake. Bleeding Heart Bakery

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featured company at the shop{my imaginary boyfriend} At the shop just in time for the holidays……We are really feeling the white birch pillow logs and pet rocks. All hand sewn and screen printed by Erika Kern, the lady behind my

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featured company at the shop{Studio on Fire} Stationery Set Stationery Set Charmed Folders & Index Cards Studio on Fire’s new Deskline series. Printed on 100% cotton stock made of fibers reclaimed from the garment industry. Their stationery will inspire you

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Who doesn’t love a giant balloon dog? If you haven’t gotten a chance you still have time to make it over to The Met to see Jeff Koons on the Roof. It’s worth it enough just to see the view

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Ok, I’m ready to take a hit on this one. Its time to get off the line at Magnolia and march over to Batch on West 10th street between Waverly and Greenwich Ave. Nobody loves the jars of sprinkles and

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featured company at the shop{Enormous Champion} Enormous Champion=Awesome (ness)This is one of the best new lines of cards in the shop this year. Jordan and her husband design cards that range from beautiful, to classic, to cool. The mix tape

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