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What does Semi-Custom mean?

All of our designs are semi-custom, meaning you can swap font, ink, motif and paper colors without an extra charge. You will find we offer so many ways to customize the designs.

Can I see a design before I commit?

We require a 75% deposit before any design work is started. After the deposit is placed we will work with you on editing your design so you will end up with something you love.

I’m a designer can you print my pre-designed invites?

At the moment we are focused on printing our own designs,  we currently aren’t offering direct to print services.

How do I choose my ink colors?

We have a color chart at the shop that shows all of our colors, we have many to choose from. If you are unable to look in person we are
happy to either email you a photo of our ink chart of any color you might want to use or mail you a sample that shows the color in question.

Can you print a custom color?

We offer a wide variety of ink color however if you have a specific shade in mind we can custom mix any Uncoated Pantone color for a flat fee of $75.00.

Can you print white/light ink?

White ink does not print well using letterpress so we do not recommend printing with white or lighter color ink.

Can you print with no ink?

Yes, we offer inkless impressions. An inkiness impression would be considered another ink color. So please price for 2 ink.

The ink colors appear different on the PDF than I thought, why?

We try our best to simulate our ink colors on the digital PDF however they may appear different depending on what screen you are viewing it on. The best way to know how an ink color will look is to view it in person at our storefront. However we are also happy to snail mail you a sample that includes the ink color in question or a photo of the ink color from our chart.

Can you print on both sides of the paper?

Yes, but we avoid a deep impression on the second side of the sheet so it does not interfere with the primary design.

Can my invitation be designed w/ corresponding pieces in the same motif (details card, menu, etc)

Yes, any of our designs can have corresponding pieces designed in the same style. So even though it isn’t featured on the website or our samples at the shop that doesn’t mean it can’t be designed to match your suite.

Do I get a letterpress printed proof of my design?

As per the industry standard we do not offer printed letterpress proofs, however we supply a PDF digital proof to you that will have all of your design details provided. An actual letterpress sample is very costly and labor intensive since it’s all done by hand. Over 18 years of experience we have found this to be an excellent representation.

I saw a design on Pinterest…can you replicate it?

Every company has their own style so we ask you to stick with the designs we offer. There are so many ways to customize our house designs.

What paper do you offer?

Our house paper is Crane’s Lettra which is made of 100% cotton (tree free!) and comes in 3 colors and weights. More info found here.

Do you offer edge painting?

We now offer edge painting, please allow for extra production time.

Do you offer day-of pieces (menus, programs, etc)?

Since we focus on letterpress our currently are offering are Menus and Programs.

Do you offer lined envelopes?

We do! Currently offering solid liners colors as well as custom designs. Please add an extra week for production since the envelopes are lined by hand. Please click here for more info.

Can you print my envelopes with our guest addresses?

We can! We offer digitally (flat print) printed envelopes. We have an Excel sheet set up for your addresses and can use an array of different fonts.

Do you have motifs I can choose from?

Yes, we have a binder at the shop with many design motifs for you to choose from. If you have a specific image in mind please let us know and we can see if we have it in our image library.

Do you have a font chart I can choose from?

Yes, we have many font options you can either view at our shop or look here. Or if you have a special request we are happy to help.

What size are your invitations?

Our standard invitation size is 5 x 7″. Please inquire if you are interested in a special size.

I just put my deposit down, how long until I see a design proof?

Generally we send a PDF of your design in a few days from when you place the order. If it is full custom this will take longer.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Delivery is about 6 weeks after you sign off on the digital proofs. Timing depends on the complexity of your job.

I realized that I need more invites, what now?

We always recommend ordering at least 10-15 extra pieces. The price difference is very low compared to going back on press after we have already printed your job. We will have to charge you in order to go back on press. So please always pad your order for extras, it’s worth it.

I am ready to place an order, what is next?

Ready to order, great!  Once you would like to move forward we will email you a PDF contract with all of the details for your order.
A non refundable 75% deposit is required before the design work begins. Click here for our ordering steps.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept major credit cards and checks. Your balance is due on delivery.

Can you stuff and mail my invites?

We currently aren’t offering this service due to our limited shop size (welcome to NYC!).
However we have an info sheet that explains everything you need to know about mailing out your invitations, it’s easy, we promise.

Do you offer a rush printing service?

Depending on our print schedule we sometimes can accommodate rush printing for a 45% up-charge.

Can you use artwork of mine I would like to incorporate into the design?

Sometimes, this depends on the image which you can email us to review. We cannot reproduce photographs or multicolored images
such as watercolor or anything with shading. So mostly line art works best.

Example below of artwork that isn’t able to be replicated using letterpress printing.

Example below of artwork that is appropriate for letterpress.