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Manhattan Vintage Map

We can adjust the vintage Manhattan map pattern to show a specific neighborhood. This design will fall under 2 ink color pricing.

Design details
Paper Color: Pearl
Ink Color: Navy
Size: 6.25 x 4.5″ A6

Designs can be semi-customized with our ink, font and paper options.

You now have the option of ordering online, please fill out form found below.

Oh hello! Please fill out the information below on our easy little form. After we receive your order info we will contact you with the final order amount. If it looks good we will send you a secure Quickbooks link for a 75% deposit payment. After this we will email you a PDF mock-up of your design. (we can make minor edits free of charge). Once the design has been reviewed and approved via PDF proof we are off to the presses. Print time is about 4-5 weeks. When the order is completed we will email you to either pick-up at the shop or UPS ship. The final half of payment will be due on pick-up.

Order details below

Pricing for this design is for 2 ink colors, since it is a double sided design (printing on front and back) Chipboard would fall under 1 ply paper pricing. Pricing is shown before sales tax, this will be added to final price.
Digitally printed envelopes will be flat printed. Ink will be as an approximate match however since the printing methods are different they may be a slight variation.